Why You’ll Love Working With Custom Home Builder Absolute Customs

custom home builder Absolute Customs

Absolute Customs focuses on a Fixed Fee Plus Wholesale Cost method of home building.  This unique method addresses today’s challenging market and allows for openness between contractor and client. You as a client will be a participant in the selection of a floor plan that can be 100% customized to suit your unique lifestyle, as well as provide the specific input related to the selection of materials used to build your new Absolute Customs dream home.

Benefits of Building the Absolute Customs Way

Absolute PRICE:

  • Fixed Fee Plus Wholesale Cost Method
    • This method of home building allows you to have a hands-on experience when it comes to selecting materials to be used in your home. Because this method is absolutely transparent, you also will have a complete picture of ongoing costs and full disclosures of costs being implemented into your project. This allows for peace of mind as a buyer, as well as cost savings in the project.
  • No Builder-Related Change Order Fees
    • In the “Fixed Fee Plus Wholesale Cost” method of home building, the owner does not get charged for builder-related change order fees. The only costs to the owner will be the true costs of the change being implemented (materials and labor), not a percentage upcharge.

Absolute QUALITY:

  • Free Interior Design and Selection Coordination
    • This is a value-added service that Absolute Customs provides with each new custom home build. You will meet with an Interior Designer at various selection stages of the project. Our designer will help you pull together the perfect home, from exterior stone to interior paint colors.
  • Quality Workers, Quality Products
    • We partner with the best, most experienced subcontractors to create your dream home. And we don’t cut corners… only high-quality materials are used to build a home that will last a lifetime. We are skilled in using high-efficiency and green building products and our homes rate, on average, 60% more energy efficient than standard homes.

Absolutely CUSTOM:

  • 100% Customized Floor Plans
    • Choose from one of Absolute Customs’ 100+ floor plans and make unlimited design changes, or create your own design with our drafting team to customize a design that fits your family’s specific lifestyle goals.